We Did It! Back to Riding.

So, we bought a house.

Or maybe a more apt description would be we bought a shoebox. We love mid-century houses, and this one was built in 1951. If you know anything about the era, I’m sure you’ll agree that this is a good one. The property is the best part: 24 acres on top of a ridge.

This is, of course, assuming all goes well with the inspection. We already have an appointment for a consultation with an architect. Don’t worry, we have no plans to ruin the lines of the house!

We were strongly considering buying this….

…but it was in New Jersey, and to be honest we love where we are now. Not that there’s anything wrong with New Jersey, just no mountains. At least not like we have out here.

So, I’ll be back to riding and reporting shortly. We have a guest post coming up from the default winner of the Win a Garmin! competition, and I’m sure I’ll have a few longer rides to fill you in on shortly.



One thought on “We Did It! Back to Riding.

  1. Luis Leon

    Awesome, congratulations on your home purchase. Now, when are we riding again? I want to show off this new wheel set a friend gave me.


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