The Bourne Recumbency

Hey, did you see that Jason Bourne movie where there’s a recumbent bike chase?

Yeah me neither.

After a few months off from riding because of my neck (yes, there was more than one attempt at riding a regular upright bike), I finally gave up and bought a recumbent. Oh, not just any recumbent. A recumbent tricycle. A 25-pound recumbent tricycle (not my picture, but almost precisely the same as my bike save the crank).

If you look at it objectively–without any of the prejudices of an upright-bicycle rider, it looks pretty cool, right?

Went for my first ride today. I wouldn’t say I’m a convert; I will always be first and foremost a “diamond frame” rider. Going up the massive hill just out my front door was a bitch. Of course I was in the middle ring and didn’t realize it. Once I got to the flats, it was pretty amazingly fun…I’m definitely as fast as I am on my upright bike–probably faster today as there was a terrible headwind. And downhill is like being on a rocket sled. I stopped at the bike shop and drew a serious crowd–not something that I am fond of but lots of positive feedback, and a couple people took test rides.

So, all in all, not a bad way to get back on a bike for a guy with a broken neck. Oh, by the way, no neck pain at all. Not that I’d expect any.

Already have plans for upgrades. First and foremost: A Compass Extra Leger on the back–probably can fit a 28 mm. Maybe I can talk Jan into some Compass 20″ tires? I’m guessing probably not. Second, I have some Enve SES 7.8 that I didn’t use extensively for my road bike, as I was getting blown around too much. Obviously I’ll just use the .8 wheel. Then maybe some 20″ disc covers. Oh, and a Clavicula crank to cut another pound off. I’m shooting for a sub-20 recumbent 🙂

Tomorrow: 48-mile ride up and over the ridge! I’ll try to take some pictures.



7 thoughts on “The Bourne Recumbency

  1. Jim

    John: You might want to look at the Schwalbe Shredda or the F-lite’s by Vredstein per recommendation from Bill Russell who has been blazing on his Quest Velomobile on the NJ Randonneur routes the last few seasons. 19.5 hours for a 600k!

  2. James Bondra

    John: You might want to try the Schwalbe Shredda 20″ or Vredstein F-Lite tires per recommendation of Bill Russell who has been setting all sorts of course records on NJ brevets. 19.5 hours for 600k last year.


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