Pictures of My Foot

Yeah, that’s what you’re getting from now on. At least for as long as I have to ride a recumbent.


Rode 20 miles today. Key learnings:

  1. Recumbents, even nice ones like mine, are jury-rigged POSes. One clear reason why they are not more popular is that they require a full-time mechanic to fix all the bits. Today on a single ride my shifting went to shit, an accessory mount almost ended up in my spokes, and my taillight rattled off its mount.
  2. Recumbents can climb hills pretty easily. I didn’t end up climbing any slower except on the steepest of hills.
  3. Wow do cars ever avoid you! Any fears of being squashed as a result of being so low to the ground were alleviated. Oh, and nobody dares the “three-fold pass” — you know, when there’s an oncoming car and the asshole behind you decides he doesn’t want to wait 3 seconds to pass you, so you have three vehicles occupying two lanes. Or someone ends up in a ditch.

Definitely need to work on the recumbolegs.


3 thoughts on “Pictures of My Foot

  1. Gilbert

    I am glad you are back riding and your dog is OK. Ihad a cat with same problem that is not working out so well sadly. Recumbents are mechanical marvels but their issues can all be worked out. We build quite a few odd bikes in my shop with small wheels and the road shock transmitted by small high pressure wheels is hard to appreciate but accessories can easily self destruct.
    As an Alex Moulton Dealer I once took out one of my own bikes (fully suspended Moulton) and a new high quality lamp mounted to an unsuspended section of the front fork just exploded in …… 6 blocks! Lamp brackets, lamps, electrical connections, components, fenders and fitting are very vulnerable to failure without consideration. Fittings need to be reinforced, locktighted or made so they can be dampened from vibration (rubber-leather washers?). Bring extra bolts, wire and zip ties to get you home for a permanent fix. Everything can be worked out so be strong. I know you can do that.
    As I said our shop works with lots of unusual bikes and I have a theory that any bike/rider combination that breaks up and offers a different on the road profile from a distance makes drivers much more cautious. This also happens when Children are on bikes, recumbents, tandems, Moultons and even traditional Mrs Marple style English Roadsters like Pashleys. OF course at night a well illuminated cyclist (and well reflectorised all over) cyclist seems to calm drivers speed and increases passing margins as well.

    I don’t know if people are curious, bemused, concerned for safety or what but your observations in respect to recumbents is a common report to us and a terrific side benefit. Enjoy your recovery and keep posting.

    Gilbert in NC

  2. Scott Loveless

    I cannot agree more with #1. As a former full-time, and now part-time, bike shop monkey, I can say with some measure of authority that recumbents, even the good ones, are a slight step above “spit and baling wire” on a good day.

  3. J R Fontaine

    Good to see you back on the road. Is your dog trying to keep you home there? Mine used to try that sometimes. 🙂


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