46 miles on a trike and bike sale!

Along with numerous shorter rides, went on a 46 on the trike. No problems, no hassle. Rode a really crappy gravel road–meaning crappy as in poorly maintained, not crappy as in not fun. If you’re in the area, look up Sax Road near Wallkill. Ignore the dead end sign. The only issue was the 300-yard long section of knee-deep leaves. As you can imagine, interesting on a trike.

PS–yes, I’ve been riding my trike without a helmet, which is something I’d never do on a regular bike. After today’s 45-mph descent I think I’ll reconsider that strategy.

For my next act, I’m going to get a 2-wheeled recumbent of some sort. As some of you may recall, I rode a low racer in NYC for a couple years the last time my neck broke. I sold them after I could get back on a regular bike. This time, though, I’m resigning myself to permanent recumbency.

It’s very sad to say this, but I will soon have multiple upright bikes for sale. Looking at them is depressing. I have spent thousands of hours on these bikes and I clearly will never be able to ride them again. Keep in mind when I say “best bike I’ve ever ridden” it is from a thoroughly informed viewpoint. I’ve ridden a lot of really, really nice bikes.

You can contact me for details, or wait until I get around to posting them. They’re all around 57-59 cm. All have been ridden hard but are perfectly maintained. Well, except for the GT Grade–that one is virtually new.

First, the very best bike I’ve ever ridden: English 700C. I almost want to keep this one just for sentimental value. All Campagnolo, except for the fancy Clavicula crank. Round rings currently. I think it is around 13 lbs, possibly a little lighter without the Swallow boat anchor, possibly a little heavier with the Enve wheels  I guess what I’m saying is that it’s light but not sure of the precise weight–definitely under 15. Amazing bike for distance rides. You can look here for geo. You can do approximately 1 cm plus or minus on the saddle, if you wanted to go lower you could cut the seat tube a little.

Keep in mind my neck was already a problem when this bike was built, so it’s a little more upright than would be ideal for many.

And the second-best bike I’ve ever ridden. English 650B. Good for crushing it on gravel. You can have the shaved tires too! Again, built for distance. Mechanical dicks, unfortunately, although the HyRd are pretty good. Same geo as the 700C version.

Just as an aside–if you like bikes, I mean if you really like bikes, you owe it to yourself to ask Rob to build you a bike instead of buying another off-the-shelf carbon fiber machine from a major manufacturer. I can’t imagine how a bike could ride better, or be better suited for their intended purpose, than the ones you see above. Plus no weight penalty for steel!

This one really hurts. My Rene Herse. So many cool things on this bike. If I were to build it again, though, I’d do it with a more modern drivetrain. Currently has a double, not a triple (what was I thinking?). Step-top light switch, SON hub, brake cable routed through the seatpost (it’s easier to deal with than you’d imagine). No, I did not take this picture–I do know small-small is a no-no. Berthoud bag with side pockets trimmed off included.

And finally, a GT Grade (Ultegra). Basically a new bike.

I also have, sitting around, a sweet Moser if anyone wants it.

Two more: A partially built Teledyne Titan (original titanium fork uncracked) and a Moulton, the cheap one.

Now some recumbent pictures. Yawn.

20161106_115532 20161106_115535 20161106_115616 20161106_121128 20161106_123151 20161106_141234 20161113_152255 20161113_153852 20161113_160309 ph

16 thoughts on “46 miles on a trike and bike sale!

    1. John Ferguson Post author

      Hi William,

      The Rene Herse is 59 cm; I can get a top tube length for you if you are interested.

      650B wheels; SON generator front hub with contact integrated into fork. Carbon brush in steerer, so no wires needed. Upside-down Edelux. Custom machined Rene Herse stem and stem-cap switch with charging station built into the rack. Custom rear light. Compass compact double crank with 170 mm arms. Can’t remember the front derailleur at the moment, but the rear is a Shimano Dura-Ace long-cage. Dura-Ace indexed downtube shifters. Grand Bois handlebars. Non-aero brake levers (but that’s something I’d change if I were keeping). Canti brakes.

      $6000. The bike was actually far, far more than that new–lots of custom machining etc.

  1. Bernie Burton

    Sorry you can’t ride your beautiful bikes anymore. Can you tell me how much you want for your bikes.
    Thanks and happy recumbenting!
    Bernie Burton

  2. Cliff Williams

    I guess riding a more upright hybrid flat bar style of bike is out of the question as well.?
    Do you still want guest routes for yer site? My gf and myself have a couple of good ones. Best wishes for you and yer doggie neck.

  3. rudy

    Hi John,

    I hope your recovery is going well. Would you mind if I shared this story on my site, creakybottombracket.com? I moved it over to a Square Space platform.

    Feel free to email me at creakybottombracket@gmail.com. I hope you’re still getting out on your beautiful roads.

    Talk to you soon,


    On Sat, Nov 26, 2016 at 7:49 PM, Riding the Catskills wrote:

    > John Ferguson posted: “Along with numerous shorter rides, went on a 46 on > the trike. No problems, no hassle. Rode a really crappy gravel > road–meaning crappy as in poorly maintained, not crappy as in not fun. If > you’re in the area, look up Sax Road near Wallkill. Ignore the dea” >

  4. Eli

    Damn. It’s not every day I see a Rene Herse for sale, more or less locally, in my size. Sadly/fortunately I have run through my quota of irresponsible financial decisions for 2016.

  5. Dave Kean

    Hi John, haven’t been to your site for a while, sorry to hear of your troubles. I’m on Rob’s wait list but your geo is very close to mine. Are either of the English bikes for sale now?

    1. John Ferguson Post author

      Hi Dave, I’m riding upright bikes again, but I would be willing to sell the 650B English. My suggestion to you would be for me to send it directly to Rob–it has mechanical disc brakes right now, as hydraulic road was not available when it was built. Switch them to hydraulic. My e-mail is jferguson at medicalwriter.net if you want to talk. The price is as below (less than half of what a new bike would cost).


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