Freshly Painted

Hi all! Still here and still riding. I have multiple submissions to post, I just haven’t gotten around to it quite yet. My profuse apologies.

Looking for a Hudson Valley painter?

Just wanted to put in a plug for the local company that painted my house in New Paltz, New York. They did an awesome, very detailed-oriented job. As you might suspect, I’m picky as hell, and they did a great job. Further, I work at home, so I had to deal with them being here every day this week, and the crew was awesome–very polite and professional. Plus my dogs liked them, which is certainly not true for everyone.

Here is the painted half of my house. Not quite done, I think they still need to address the dormers and a couple downspouts, but they had to leave early because of the rain.

That’s Cabot Barn Red oil-based stain on the siding, and Benjamin Moore Cottage Red soft-gloss on the trim.

Contact Bob at R.J. Ritacco Painting Co here. Or give him a call at (845) 255-0979. They take jobs throughout the Hudson Valley.




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