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Put the Hoarders in Jail

Look at these scumbags. They don’t even have a problem showing their faces because, you know, capitalism. These people should be in jail.

The real problem with garbage people like our friend Amazon seller Matt Colvin, pictured above, is that they fuel the frenzy. This guy admits to the NYT that he and a friend drove a rented U-Haul around their area, cleaning out all of the local stores. Then they raised the prices dramatically and sold on Amazon — $70 bottles of hand sanitizer, $200 boxes of N95 masks — making even basic personal protection inaccessible to anyone but the wealthy and forcing regular people to panic and rush to the stores in a frantic effort to get whatever was left over.

I was in the grocery store on a weekday last week, and it was sad seeing all of the elderly people, who are generally the only shoppers at that time, pushing around carts filled with dozens of mini bottles of hand sanitizer, since that’s all the hoarders had left them.

Prosecute these fuckers and make examples of them.


Vote or Die

It has been a while since I’ve posted, but I have a few things to say about our current crisis, namely, the coronavirus pandemic.

As some of you may know, I’m a molecular biologist by training. I’m published in virology, although not in the specific class of viruses that we’re talking about here. I also played a role in the CDC’s response to Zika virus, and I’ve done a ton of work in HIV. Just a note up front that I do not have special expertise or involvement in coronavirus in particular, although I am pretty well equipped to understand the situation.

I don’t usually talk politics on this blog. In fact, looking back I don’t think I’ve ever addressed a political topic. I’m going to break that rule now.

I think the lesson we should all take from this current crisis is that voting can actually be a matter of life or death.

If a Democrat were in office – say Hillary, for example, you could be 100% assured that she would be surrounded by competent people. I suspect the virus would have been slowed substantially as compared with our current situation. In fact, if our relationship with China hadn’t been ruined by Trump, it is entirely likely that we would have had CDC personnel on the ground in China helping to contain the virus in China. We certainly would still have a pandemic response team—you know, the one that Trump fired to save a few million.

We likely wouldn’t be looking at a 30% market drop and an impending severe recession…and we definitely wouldn’t have expended all of our financial tools that we need to recover from it.

We definitely wouldn’t have a religious zealot who does not believe in science—namely Pence—leading our response to the pandemic.

Do you know why you don’t hear about Zika virus any more? Because it was swiftly handled by a team of competent professionals. There was no panic. It was addressed and then it was largely over. That’s not what’s happening here.

Whatever state you are in and whether your vote matters in your state or not, just go out and vote for the fucking Democrat. Even if you’re pissed about Bernie. Even if you hate Biden. He may or may not be senile but the people around him will be highly competent. That goes for every other office up for grabs in this next election as well. No more Matt Gaetzes, no more Mitch McConnells, no more Louie Gohmerts. Get rid of them all.

It’s about time to say enough is enough. The sheer managerial incompetence and denial of facts among Republican politicians has reached epic proportions, and we’re all suffering for it. I say that as someone whose politics are as middle of the road as possible. Republicans are absolutely toxic to our country—and in this case their long legacy of incompetence is literally killing people.