Daily Archives: March 14, 2020

Put the Hoarders in Jail

Look at these scumbags. They don’t even have a problem showing their faces because, you know, capitalism. These people should be in jail.

The real problem with garbage people like our friend Amazon seller Matt Colvin, pictured above, is that they fuel the frenzy. This guy admits to the NYT that he and a friend drove a rented U-Haul around their area, cleaning out all of the local stores. Then they raised the prices dramatically and sold on Amazon — $70 bottles of hand sanitizer, $200 boxes of N95 masks — making even basic personal protection inaccessible to anyone but the wealthy and forcing regular people to panic and rush to the stores in a frantic effort to get whatever was left over.

I was in the grocery store on a weekday last week, and it was sad seeing all of the elderly people, who are generally the only shoppers at that time, pushing around carts filled with dozens of mini bottles of hand sanitizer, since that’s all the hoarders had left them.

Prosecute these fuckers and make examples of them.