Off to Prague!

Only 7 days at home, and I’m off to Prague on Wednesday. This week mostly consisted of catching up on accumulated work, although I did manage to get three quick 20-30 mile rides in. It never ceases to astonish me how quickly peak fitness is lost. It is particularly apparent out here in the mountains, where you pay for even a small loss of fitness with some serious suffering. But suffer I did. At least I have nice scenery to look at while I’m doing it.

A few pictures.

Close to my house. This is Brown Road. During the summer it’s magical…like something out of Lord of the Rings. During the winter, well…




This is the approach to the Peekamoose Loop. The road runs right behind the mountain you see here.


I did a little exploring on my last ride, trying to cover the last few roads in the area that I haven’t hit. This is the creatively named Cross Road. It’s dirt, and today it was a mushy mix of mud and partially melted snow. I actually had to walk about 20 feet up the hill you see in the distance because I was sinking into a slush/mud collaboration



In other news, I got these hot gloves. I have an obsession with camouflage. They were overpriced, and only 50 were made, and they are so worth it.


March 16 marks the return of Century Saturdays, wherein I ride a century a weekend until mid-December (except when I am traveling, of course). In truth, my weekend rides are not always on Saturday, nor are they ever exactly 100 miles, but they’ll average out to about 100 miles each over the year.

I will return on March 4, and thereafter I will be back to my regular schedule (that’s 2 to 3 posts weekly).


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