Daily Archives: March 6, 2013

Life is Good…

Or at least better. I’m buried under a pile of work, but at least I’m not traveling.

I made time for a 50-mile ride yesterday. I had planned on riding 20 miles and then getting back to work, but it was so nice out that I decided to play hooky. I deserve it after 21 days of travel.

Here’s the route. There are no bad segments, and it is not very challenging. If you’re looking for a fast, fun and easy route, this is a good one (GPS here).

Mar 5

This was my first time on Berme Road. As always, I’m indebted to John Schwartz for the advice. Much more pleasant than 209.




This is the view from Towpath Road, which lies to the west of the town of Accord. I recognized this from several long rides we did out of Poughkeepsie when I still lived in New York City, but this was the first time I rode it north to south.


I got dirty on Rouge Harbor road. It’s my favorite gravel road out here, although it is spooky and very isolated. There’s a good swimming hole on nearby on Lundy Road.

6 Close to home. This is Old Whitfield Road. Or it might be Mettacahonts Road, I don’t really remember. Nice to finally see it again sans snow.



Finally, my winter bike. I never got around to cutting the steerer or getting a longer stem. I have a formal fit next week with Signature Cycles, I’ll let them tell me what to do, but I suspect my stem will be within 5-10 mm of being slammed and at least 2 cm longer. I removed the ugly Lynsky stickers with acetone.


I have a quick 20 planned for tomorrow. This weekend we have a 90-mile route planned that includes hitting Ferguson Road, a very steep gravel road over the Shawangunk Ridge (again, a John S suggestion). How could I resist a road named after me? And next week Doug has planned a 114-mile torture test that includes a ride to the highest drivable point in the Catskills.

Ah, life truly is returning to normal.