Mack Superlight Hubs

For my Lynskey.

They’re going to be built using Chinese carbon rims. They appear red here, but they are the brightest pink imaginable. The front hub weighs 83 grams; the rear 199 grams. Not bad for disc hubs!

They can be ordered from Mack Hubs, which is based on Poland. Of course, I haven’t built them into wheels yet, so I can’t comment on quality or durability.



3 thoughts on “Mack Superlight Hubs

  1. manuel jimenez

    Have you built them yet? I think I will go the same route (wheelset)but, haven’t found feedback on the hubs, longevity, POE, sound. So, any info will be thanked.

      1. millcitycycle

        Just found this searching around for Mack hub info…

        So, do you have these rolling yet? Comments? I would like to know more. Cost, ordering, lead time? Thanks.

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