Sometimes Things Just Work Out

I was supposed to go to London for work. Canceled! Now I don’t have to panic work to get everything done before I go. Sometimes things just work out.

So: Ouch Mountain or the Undiscovered Country this weekend?

This photo, which I took on my last ride, is of a Brockway truck; the hood ornament is a husky pulling a sled. I am surprised that it hasn’t been pulled off yet as they can sell for a significant amount on E-Bay. At some point I want to return to take some proper photos.

1 (Large)


2 thoughts on “Sometimes Things Just Work Out

    1. John Ferguson Post author

      I don’t know if it is for sale. Presumably whomever owns it wouldn’t mind parting with it, but who knows? It was there this past fall, I haven’t been back to check on it since then.


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