Daily Archives: May 13, 2013

Cherrytown Road Hike

For various reasons won’t get into here (I’ll be fine!) I took a few days off the bicycle to go for a hike with my girlfriend Margot and the ladies. I have to be active for at least an hour a day, no matter what.

We loaded the dogs into the back of the car, and drove seven quick miles to the start of the trail. Here’s the route, which I supply primarily so you can see the end point and plan your own hike.


As you approach, you’ll see a sign and a little gravel parking lot. The hike itself is about four or five miles round trip, and I would rate it as relatively easy if you are in reasonable shape. There are some scrambles up loose gravel/rocks on the way to the falls, and some jumping over mini-streams, including one ford on some loose fallen tree trunks.

The Catskills rangers were nice enough to put in a bridge over one of the little streams.


No, that’s not the Unibomber, that’s Margot, followed by Macs.


Panda. One of the rare moments where she’s drinking from clear water. They usually just love to lap water out of mud puddles. I don’t know why.


One of the fords across a little stream. You have to jump from rock to rock, making sure that you don’t twist an ankle. It’s shallow enough to walk through if you want.


The objective of this hike is to get to this lovely waterfall. I know it has a name, I just can’t recall it right now. (Vernooy Kill Falls–thank you Steve!)


The dogs always have a blast on this hike. Watch out for ticks, though. Macs transported a few home.


And the path home….


Yes, it’s paradise out here. Even after 8 months I can’t believe I live here. I feel like I’m on vacation every time I step out on my front porch. Then a client calls….

Planning a 101-mile ride with Doug shortly. Report to come!