The Land of Ya Hozna!

And now, for today’s brief counterpunctual post.

Here is a heatmap of every road I’ve cycled in the past 2 years, centered roughly on John F’s new house.  The darker and redder the line, the awesomer the road.

Although, to be fair, some roads are well-ridden because they are merely conduits to awesomeness, rather than being inherently awesome qua awesome.



And here are a few photos from today’s lovely, meh-free ride.

10349744_423179361158190_2078994624_n 10413940_285697454941882_805708973_n 10354313_1451255298455599_311593993_n



– John S, aka globecanvas



6 thoughts on “The Land of Ya Hozna!

  1. John Schwartz Post author

    There are a number of quality 4-8 minute climbs on the east side of the ridge. Right near Poppletown there is Carney Road, Old Post, Hardenburgh, Also, the MTB trails at Shaupeneak, at the top of Poppletown, are top notch. There’s a killer 20-minute singletrack climb from Old Post at the bottom of the Shaupeneak ridge, that passes an impressive waterfall and has great views of the Hudson.

    I like that area a lot; it’s quiet, shady, and has a very different feel from the Gunks or Catskills. The whole area is a highland, so there are some nice climbs up to it (Cow Hough, Dashville, Horsenden, Hawley’s Corners). The highland continues south, through – er – Highland and heading down toward Marlboro. That area has some lovely rolling orchards, but not as much sustained climbing.

    Right near you are some 2 minute power climbs (Phillies Bridge, Farmer’s Turnpike), but they don’t have the same feeling of remoteness. Heading up against the ridge, though, North/South/Upper Mountain Roads are some of the best cycling around. The southern ridge (Roosa Gap, Shawanga Lodge) has yet another feel, with long climbs and some unique roads that wander along the top. And of course, the Preserve is a world unto itself, with far too much carriage road climbing to even start to list.

  2. Spencer

    Nice pictures and I always enjoy reading your reports, I have got to get out that way this summer, I want to explore those carriage trails one day.

  3. Stukuls

    Did you check out the Poster on the door of the house you posted on the Lower Sahler? Copper thieves.

    1. John Schwartz Post author

      Yes, it’s a target shooting poster that says something like “bubba is waiting for you in jail, copper thieves!” I wanted to get a photo of it but also didn’t really want to get any closer.


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