Aumick Road Hike

Yesterday’s adventure was a hike up Awosting Road to the top of the Shawangunk Ridge. I’m almost hesitant to give this one up, as we only rarely see other people on this hike, so I almost feel like it’s my own private path…nevertheless here it is.


It’s moderately challenging: About 4 miles (8 miles round trip), 1400 feet of elevation gain. There are a few sections where my mastiff looks at me like “why the hell are you torturing me like this?”

It’s worth the effort, though, particularly when you get close to the top, where the scenery takes a distinctly Lord of the Rings turn. Magnified on the day that we hiked this by plenty of fog. I know my sometime co-blogger John S rides this on his bike, but he clearly doesn’t go the same way we hike this path–it’s far too rocky to ride, and there are 18% plus grades on loose gravel. This picture doesn’t remotely do justice to the beauty of this hike.

A Hike

A hint if you decide to hike it: you’ll come to a number of forks. With the exception of the first, where you’ll take a left, always take the right fork.


3 thoughts on “Aumick Road Hike

  1. steveaaronphoto

    I like this road to start a MTB tour of Minnewaska. Aumick Rd trails up to Spruce Glen, around Awosting, over to Castle Point. Then off towards Minnewaska, around the lake, down the road to Awosting Falls then off towards Mohonk Preserve on the carriage roads. At the steel bridge it becomes a road ride back to the cars at Aumick. It’s a great loop and a challenging ride (for me at least). Happy New Year

  2. cicero45bc

    John, how’s riding so far this year weather-wise? We moved from Westchester County, NY (used to ride North County Trail all the time) to Dunedin, FL for riding and better weather but there’re way too many people over here. We are about to move to Dutchess County, NY


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