Open Invitation for Submissions

Hi everyone,

I’ve been ignoring the blog recently. Mostly because my rides have been strictly for exercise–no real adventures other than a couple of trips over the ridge (which actually wouldn’t count as an adventure in any other year!) All my time is spent hiking right now, both because of the new dog and because I do not want to aggravate my neck injury.

So…if you have a story you’d like to tell, preferably with lots of pictures and a link to GPS (RideWithGPS preferred), please feel free to submit. Any ride in the Catskills, surrounding area, or Dutchess and Columbia.

All submissions will be posted, although I reserve the right to edit. E-mail me here.

Here’s Shay, my new Ridgeback and the cause of all the hiking:


…and yes, I was actually taking a picture of my new lamps. Shay moves around so much that it’s difficult to get a good awake picture, so this is the best I have right now. You’ll be the first to see it when I manage to capture one.


6 thoughts on “Open Invitation for Submissions

    1. Spencer

      Platte Cove is best served with Mtb gearing, but it is a very nice walk too. Yes, it is very steep but beautiful

  1. Adam Paiva

    Hey John I emailed in a route submission 1.5 weeks ago or so. Didn’t hear back…did it get to you? Adam

  2. Margaret A Chamberlain

    I believe your lasagna recipe was viewed so many times today because the NYT published a lasagna recipe in the evening briefing and one of the first commenters referred cooks to this version of lasagna as the ultimate, classic recipe.


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