English Cycles 2021

15.7 lbs complete. Stainless steel. Takes up to 32 mm tires, which I’ve learned is more than enough for me. Removing the pump and putting some lightweight wheels on would drop this well below 15–remarkable for a steel bike!

This is my third English in the last 12(?) years. The first was a road bike, which I still adore and ride almost daily. The second was probably one of the very first road bikes built for 650B. Some day I will have that one updated with hydraulic discs and modern components, which didn’t exist when we built the bike. This one is halfway between the two, and likely the one I’ll ride most.


3 thoughts on “English Cycles 2021

  1. Cliff James Williams

    Hey John it has been a while, in 2019 I had a rather nasty hemorrhagic stroke. I,m just getting back 2 yrs later. Hope all is well and thanks for the read after a long pause. Enjoy the day Cliff


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