This Week in Consumption

I bought some (deep breath) Grand Bois Col de la Madelaine Extra Leger 23 mm tires. I won’t try them until the spring, but given that they are limited production, I wanted to get my hands on some before they were sold out.

Grand Bois Col de la Madelaine Extra Leger (Large)

Ah, Christmas. The time of year you get things you really want but wouldn’t buy otherwise.

I present to you the Assos Fugu Glove. As you can tell, I love them…they’re already covered in grime and snot. I’ll review them later but they were definitely worth Margot’s money.

Assos Fugu Gloves (Large)

Assos certainly gets an award for best font.

I’m busily working away on a new radiotherapy for castration-resistant prostate cancer (and driving Margot crazy with Einstuerzende Neubauten’s “Sabrina” on repeat) but I do have rides and routes to report. Later in the week I’ll write about my trip to Pitcairn Mountain Road, and another 50-miler including a climb up Meads Mountain Road, a famous Catskill climb that is almost–but not quite–as terrible as Platte Clove. I also still owe you a report and directions for the Brewster to New Hamburg summer classic.

All coming this week, and I hope you don’t stop reading just because I managed to use the words “snot” and “castration” in a single post.


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