My Little Pony

The design for the sub-15 lb 650B English (well, at least hopefully sub-15 lb, it’s going to be close). I am really looking forward to this bike–the 700C bike that Rob built for me is spectacular. I’m looking forward to it particularly because almost all of my rides include significant sections of gravel and terrible pavement, and as much as I love the 700C bike, I sometimes have to go a little slower than optimal because of road conditions. Shaved tubeless Hetres at <50 psi should take care of that issue.

Keep in mind that I quite literally broke my neck in 2008 (crushed discs) so I unfortunately can’t be as low and pro as I’d like. Envision with grey paint with rainbow sparkles. You’re going to hate it, but I don’t care.

My little two-wheeled pony.



2 thoughts on “My Little Pony

  1. robertkerner

    That’s going to be spectacular I bet. I’m heading to Signature on Saturday for a fitting for a similar machine albeit in 700c; just have to decide on the drivetrain.

    Your pictures are stunning. I’m familiar with the region from hiking up there and your images capture the essence of the area. Unfortunately with a 4 hour round trip car ride from LI, making regular visits is inefficient. Keep up the excellent posts.

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