Photo Safari Part 2

More attempts to use a camera that is far more advanced than I am.

I had planned on getting out a little earlier in the day–there’s nothing I hate more than pictures of sunsets. Unfortunately, I was stuck on a teleconference, and by the time I got to where I wanted to be, the sun was low and golden in the sky. As a result, my pictures are even worse than usual.

All of these are taken at the Ashokan Reservoir. Getting there from my place is a lot of fun as it’s mostly downhill. My average speed on the way there was 26 mph. On the way back? 14 mph.

SDIM0167_pe (Large)

SDIM0161 (Large)

SDIM0170_pe (Large)

This weekend, hopefully, I’ll get out for an 80 mile plus ride. We’ll see. Work has been, um, interesting. But I did get some good news today: Peter Weigle is going to shave some Extra Leger Hetres for me, even though my bike is going to be a 700C. Don’t go writing him requesting tires, you have to be in the club (seriously, he only sells shaved tires to customers, at least right now).


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