Monthly Pet Picture: The Snail Hunter

Just a brief aside from all the cycling related content: My girl Macadamia (Macs).

Snail Hunter (Large)

She recently developed the habit of fishing for snails in our lake. She ferociously chases, attacks, and crushes them, and then devours the meat. No ill effects that I can see, except, perhaps, for cranial gigantism. The thing I don’t understand: such behavior is to be expected from Dogues de Bordeaux, not from Cane Corsos. Thankfully, her vicious behavior is constrained to molluscs, she’s a big giant sweetheart with people and, as I recently found out, with mice. She’s useless for pest control!

Two days off from riding, and then I’m taking a casual 85-mile ride with Doug H. Of course we put all the brutal climbing at the tail end of the ride.


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