Grand Bois Hetre Extra Leger. Shaved. Tubeless.

Thanks to Peter Weigle! According to his note on the inside of the tire, the front went from 370 to 313 grams. The rear tires, on which Peter left a trace of tread, lost about 40 grams.

Extra Leger Shaved

First 1000 miles on these will be on the new English 650B. Next thousand will be on the Herse (probably with tubes though).

Knees are recovering and I should be back in business shortly. If my knee wasn’t injured, I’d be in the middle of George Swain’s Catskills Climbfest right now instead of sitting in front of my computer, working.

And PS: Can anyone make my grass grow? Believe it or not, it was exactly 50 degrees colder today than it was on Tuesday. 92 degrees to 42 degrees in 4 days, plus 30-40 mph winds.


6 thoughts on “Grand Bois Hetre Extra Leger. Shaved. Tubeless.

  1. Douglas Hoffman

    Please clarify, what is the difference between these “shaved” tires and well worn tires. Is it just that they are evenly worn? Are you softening the tires at the expense of wear? How does this impact durability and puncture resistance?

    1. John Ferguson Post author

      Shaving the tires improves compliance. When I pulled these out of the package, they felt as supple as a set of FMBs. Removing the tread will almost certainly reduce the longevity of the tires–I expect these to last no longer than a pair of Pari-Motos: about 2000 miles as opposed to 4000 miles on a fresh pair of regular Hetres. If they work the way I expect them to, I will now beat you effortlessly uphill, downhill, and in the flats. {Just kidding!}

      This is a one-time only thing…the way we’ve been ramping up the mileage (at least until the knee issue) these will only last a couple months.

  2. James B

    Can you provide some details on your tubless setup? What type of sealant, air pressure, rim tape, etc


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