Out for a Few Weeks

I’m off to a meeting in California, and then Anguilla…to get married. I asked my bride what time the ceremony will be on Saturday and she said “why, do you want to go for a ride first?”

Do I have a problem?

Anyway, it works out well because I’m still working on rehabilitating my vastus medialis obliquus (VMO) to make my knee track a little better. I’ve only ridden about 80 miles in the last two weeks, as compared with about 250 miles weekly before the knee pain. But when I get back, I’ll have the English waiting for me with low, low gearing to get me up those hills without destroying my knees again, and my knee should be all better.

So check back in 10 days, and consider entering the Win a Garmin competition. The best thing that could happen is you’ll win a Garmin or a set of the best tires ever made…worst that could happen is you have a great day on the best roads in three states.



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