Around the Gunks: A Report

Work. Work. Work. August is supposed to be the month when all my European clients take off and relax at the beach. Let me tell you, Europeans–at least those in my industry–work just as hard as their American counterparts. No month-long vacations!

For me, that means that my month has been jam-packed with 70+ hour work weeks, and not as much riding as I’d like, particularly long-distance rides that take all day. I have, however, been on the bike every day for an unprecedented 9 days straight. Mostly 30-40 mile rides, but I did manage time for one 70-mile ride, even though it meant starting near dusk and coming home late at night. No pictures, unfortunately.

Now, I’m off to Holland for a few days for meetings. In the meantime, read Geo’s report on his ride around the Gunks. Here’s the route I created for him.

If you’re planning to ride out here don’t hesitate to contact me; I’m happy to develop a route for you. I have a long-standing obsession with maps, so it’s a pleasure to put something together to fit your needs. Or just start scrolling down, if you’re in the market for something in the 80- to 120-mile range, there’s plenty here.


3 thoughts on “Around the Gunks: A Report

  1. mark S

    Hi John – really appreciate the website – it’s a great resource – quick question on your route for Geo – is this ride all asphalt? or are there some gravel sections. I plan on riding it soon and want to make sure I have the right hardware

    1. John Ferguson Post author


      The route includes only about 2-3 miles of gravel starting at mile 41, and it is easily rideable on a road bike–I do it nearly every day, as this section is close to my house. No need to break out the cross bike! Just be careful, as there is a good descent right before you hit the gravel, you’ll likely be going 30-40 miles per hour when you hit it.


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