Peekamoose Times Two

You may have noticed that I am not adhering to my twice weekly posting schedule. There are a couple of reasons for that. This blog is not meant to be my personal diary; instead, it’s meant to first be a resource for intermediate- to long-distance cycling routes in the Catskills, and second to provide real-world reviews of cycling products from the perspective of a rider who likes distance, dirt, and inclement weather (yes, I actually enjoy riding through rain, sleet, and snow!) There are very real differences between brands of bib shorts, shoes or even tires that don’t become evident until you ride a century with them. A great example of this was some Pearl Izumi bib shorts that seemed fine until a 150-mile ride, when poor fit and a rough seam conspired to saw a bleeding hole in my thigh.

I am especially careful about random posts because so many people are now getting update e-mails every time I post, and I don’t want to waste anyone’s time. That said, you will be getting a few pet picture posts over the winter. No complaints, please.

I’ve spent considerable time over the past few weeks reprising the old standbys. Yesterday marked my twentieth time over Peekamoose since we moved here last year–that’s about 1200 miles on this route alone. Next week I’m planning to ride Slide Mountain again. I will document that trip and write a full post since I haven’t yet been over Slide in the summer.

Over the next week, I’m going to review Rapha’s Grand Tour shoes, bib shorts for distance riders, and follow up on my long-term review of the Rivet saddle. And, if I can find my chain tool to shorten my chain on the English 700C, I’ll provide some initial impressions of the new Grand Bois Extra Leger 26 mm tires. And of course you’ll get the Slide Mountain post.

Until then, here’s the GPS for a new 72-mile Peekamoose route and a few pictures.







1 thought on “Peekamoose Times Two

  1. davidwinner

    Hi there “Riding The Catskills” ,

    I grew up on the western slope, in Livingston Manor, and spent a lot of time happiply navigating the Frost Valley road, but only recently on a bike. I was doing an 80 mile loop from Liv. Manor to Margaretville to Big Indian up toward Slide Mt once, and was being duly punished by the interminable climb, when someone clearly training for the Tour De France, went by me like I was parked …..It was the damndest thing….then before I reached the top, he had gone down by me and then back up again several more times. I was and am, completely in awe of that kind of climbing power! That loop in general is a lovely yet punishing ride…..I’ve done it the reverse way also and the Barkaboom Rd. coming up from the dam seemsto go on forever just as the Frost valley/Slide Mt climb does! Loving the blog….. David W. Sent from my iPad


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