Mr Bates

Coming soon. My new winter bike.

I’m building it with modern components, including mini V’s. Campagnolo, of course (I’ve had quite enough of SRAM, and Shimano is sadly difficult to shift in winter gloves). Apparently has enough clearance for 32-mm tires–perfect for a winter bike. I should mention that it has been respaced, and the brake bridge moved, for 130 mm.


9 thoughts on “Mr Bates

  1. John Ferguson Post author

    If I recall correctly, I think Sheldon rode an E.G. Bates, which had a more standard design.

    And Rob if you’re serious about the fork, it’s Bate’s signature innovation. It’s about as functional as a curly stay on a Hetchins. Apparently, long ago in England, bikes used in races couldn’t be branded. So manufacturers came up with distinctive designs so that their bikes could be recognized even in the absence of a headbadge. Hence Hetchins’ curly stays and the Diadrant fork on the Bates.

    Also–you may not have noticed this, but the tubes are cigar shaped. Another Bates “innovation”.

  2. Chip

    Is that a restoration? And if so, who did the paint job? I’d like to get my own Bates re-painted but have only had a single bad experience with Cyclart and am afraid to go back to them.


    1. John Ferguson Post author

      My Bates was repainted by Brian Bayliss, and it was a bad experience all around–he had it for 5 years, continuously promised to have it done “next month”, and I’m pretty sure he lost the headbadge. You should check with Mike Kone at Rene Herse Bicycles, he might be able to point you in the right direction for someone who actually does a good job, and finishes when they say they are going to.

      1. Chip

        FIVE years? Wow, and I supposed that Cyclart was bad (it took them 13 long months to restore and re-chrome my Cinelli SC). Thanks for the kind advice, though; I’ll try Mike, but I’ve also been told that Circle A Cycles in Providence, RI is both good and pretty prompt — in case you’re interested.

  3. john

    hello, wondering what was the original spacing of the rear triangle? did you have to move the brake bridge in order to accommodate the rear being spread to 130mm? thanks john


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