A Simple Plan: Monday September 15 2014

It’s time to get serious. If anyone wants to join me, this is the plan for next Monday (unfortunately, I’ll be at a meeting this weekend!) Note that I accidentally routed part of this on the Appalachian Trail; I’ll fix that before departure. My place, 8 am. Bring lights because who knows what is going to happen.

PS: See the comment from Spencer, who knows Northern Dutchess better than me–apparently I picked some good roads!

Edit: And here’s the actual plan. Not routing over the Appalachian Trail did wonders for the length (10 miles less) and amount of climbing (minus 1500 feet). Now it’s just an ho-hum average ride.

In other news, I made something delicious:



8 thoughts on “A Simple Plan: Monday September 15 2014

  1. Spencer Robinson

    OMG! you are a mad man! you have picked some of the most beautiful roads I know, Many uo in the northern dutchess /Columbia are part of my daily rides. I dont see anything up my way that will be any trouble except you want to take the Mt. Riga road out of Salisbury rather than the Applachain trail…that will make you famous if the ranger catches you:) The Mt Riga road is pretty packed but the top is loose with a recent section of fresh crushed stone surface on the Ma end.You will be coming down sunset rock…as bad as going up! if you take the paved state road down instead watch the hair pins and bad bumps.In copake falls there is a little deli and a bike shop.
    Taconic Road was being paved when Irode it last Friday, it was rough on the non repaired parts, watch for unrepared pavement cuts.


  2. Brendan T. Burke

    Looking forward to seeing the fruits of your labors from this one. Wish that I could ride like this, but I am only just now patting myself on the back for having finished a 20 mile ride yesterday!

  3. michael kreitman

    John – rides looks great – i just did mount washington – enjoy – i am envious

    may be heading up with a group of 4 or so at end of september for another new paltz ride – you helped me map one last spring (2013) – mohonk/minnewoska/samsonville/ashokan/peekamoose/cragsmoor – i will let you know when it is – will be a saturday – perhaps last saturday in the month – hopefully you can join us


  4. Bryan

    John – I’ve been following your blog for a while and I’m interested in joining you for this ride but I don’t have a gravel/dirt bike at the moment, only road. Are there going to be dirt roads on this route?

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