Free to a Good Home: Enve 6.7 clinchers

Just kidding!

I have a set of Enve 6.7 clinchers that I am not using, so it’s time for them to go. These were a mistake. I love my Enve 3.4s, but the 6.7 is too much wheel for my skinny ass to handle. I rode them twice, the third time I was coming down a mountain pass and came very close to getting blown off the road at 50 mph by an errant 30 mph crosswind. Yes, they are far more resistant to crosswinds than traditional-section wheels, but really they should go to someone who is riding flat and fast, rather than laboring up hills and flying down them like we do around here.

Built on light (but not ridiculously light) Soul-Kozak hubs, narrow-spaced front and magnetic rear. Campagnolo freehub. The rear hub is loud. But you shouldn’t be coasting anyway, right? The front hub is extra narrow for improved aerodynamics, but have no fear, according to Fairwheel: “The average front wheel will be a tiny bit stiffer, but the Soul Kozak/Enve front wheel will be significantly more aero with pretty much the same stiffness.”

They appear, for all intents and purposes, brand new, having been ridden <100 miles total by a lightweight rider who rarely brakes, even when it is highly advisable.

They’re going for $2800 to $3400 on the Enve website. Let’s say $2400, or you can make me a reasonable offer. I’ll take $100 off for anyone who wants to come out here and pick them up.

Contact me if you are interested, my information is on the About page.


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