Quick Update

Yeah, I know. I’ve been lazy. I have been riding, just not much more than 15 miles a day. Plus I have two guest posts I need to get up, including the winner of the Win a Garmin! competition.

But I’ve been busy!

We had some issues with the inspection of the house I had planned to purchase that couldn’t be resolved. So here we are again, house hunting. As I think I’ve said before, I work from home, as does Margot, so our choices are wide open in terms of where we can live. We found an amazing house in Lambertville, NJ….


But it needs a lot done, including a new septic system and other issues. We’re working on it with the seller because this, quite frankly, is my dream house, but I’m not going to let emotion get in the way of a rational decision. Unfortunately, the seller does not appear to be very rational at all; in fact, he has been so difficult that he has torpedoed multiple potential sales.


So if I have to let it go, I’ll let it go, and happily live in a standard stone farmhouse ever after. I heard that the riding is great around Lambertville, which brings me to another point….

If I leave, obviously Riding the Catskills will be no more. Are there any local riders with an interest in taking over? Before my house hunting hiatus, the site was getting great traffic; it would be a shame to let it die. I’d even be willing to pay to keep the lights on for a few years.

Nothing is for sure, of course, but I just thought I’d put that out there. Contact me if you’re interested.



12 thoughts on “Quick Update

    1. John Ferguson Post author

      No doubt I will regret it in some ways. It is really beautiful out here. On the other hand, Lambertville offers much easier access to services, is an hour closer to the airport, and it’s much easier to get into NYC when I need to. It also, apparently, has great riding just to the north of town. In fact, the Rapha Gentlemen’s ride was held out of Lambertville last year. So yeah, I’m going to miss it here but other stuff makes up for it.

      PLUS I can get regular internet at the new house instead of this Exede Satellite garbage–a very important consideration since I work from home in a technical field.

      1. Paul I.

        The guys I know who do centuries tend to be strong, and ride quite fast. There are a couple of clubs in the are – the Princeton Freewheelers (I’m a member) and the Central Bucks Bicycle Club just across the river in PA. You’re bound to find guys to ride with in the club. I also ride with a group of friends every Saturday morning, we tend to do about 50 miles at around 15mph. They start in Princeton, so I ride from Lambertville and meet them midway in Pennington. My girlfriend and I tend to do longish rides together at a slow pace, but more in the 60 to 70 mile range, at about 12 mph.

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